02 Junho 2017


From the earth comes life, colour, joy and love!

From the earth comes life, colour, joy and love!

How many shades of clay?

The same as those of skin?

The same that make us different from one another, although so close to each other?


Maria Castel-Branco invites us all to attend her Clay Parade.  We are all unique in our own essence and our own being, although we are all part of an exuberant and eclectic army, full of happy possibilities. From the soil comes earth, flower, life.

Maria Castel-Branco had her professional kick-off as a multimedia and graphic designer. As a hobby she would decorate party cakes that turned out to be real sculptures, which already revealed an emergent need for creativity and plastic expression. She decided then to invest and deepen her knowledge on ceramics. For two years Maria attended classes and was trained in Caulino Atelier where she began to challenge her potential on the art of making pottery until this very same day. Potters such as Ricardo Lopes and Vasco Baltazar taught her the skills of the wheel.

In her studio, Maria likes to make objects that perpetuate in time, regardless of trends. She likes to innovate and every piece is unique and away from standards. She loves all the imperfections that handmade work can not hide. Maria gets her inspiration on her daily life and surroundings. The Clay Parade comes probably from an imaginary of contrasting family references, such as a military  universe, disciplined and communitarian ; but also an artistic world, joyful, imperfect and unique in its expression, where every single colour has a statement.

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