09 Novembro 2019


What tropic holds my hand, on reliefs of salty desert?

It was on the past 11th October 2019 that the ceramist Maria Castel-Branco presented her new exhibition "Senses of the Earth" in Pura Cal where she reveals her admiring side of the lines and traces of the bodies of the world.

Come and find out "Senses of the Earth" until 24th November 2019!


next exhibition at Pura Cal, where she will unfold a new side to her ceramic art.

What lines are drawn by my eyes, on ochre lands?

What scents can you hear from my fruity red lips, beyond cold?

What tropic holds my hand, on reliefs of salty desert? I cast my eyes, through those who see beyond.

I breathe to my inner depths and exhale the beauty of all races, from a world I never saw.

I feel all the lands of the earth in every pore of my skin and on every line of my fingers.  Every sound is raw and so I sit with my senses and acknowledge the coordinates to where the path leads.  Hence, I go forth.

I dance along with my goddess hands, to the rhythm of the wheel. And that’s how I tell these stories.

The shades of the world are cooked in my skin.

Stories from other sites and landscapes are stitched on my pores.

And so my kiln becomes the hearth of a god.


Copy by Cuca Carou


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