23 Novembro 2017


a tribute to all who suffer with forest devastation ...

Year after year, on the 24th of December, a gesture is repeated.

Go out into the forest or garden and collect small branches, leaves and berries that will brings color, texture and aroma to a special day. Walkways that resume from generation to generation creating traditions. With no artifice, consumerism, or classes, as the real Christmas should be.

Renew the revival of those gestures rooted in our personal memories, built this piece. Unadorned, full of life, pure and organic, simply harvested from nature.

"Floresta Lusa" is a small tribute to everyone who suffers with the forest devastation. Through the celebration of beauty and strength in nature, so present in this special season. Who lives, dies, is reborn and renews himself every day.

"Floresta Lusa" was created by Tiago Patrício Rodrigues and João Bernardes Vilela from  Pura Cal atelier, and displayed at "Dream Castilho", promoted by Vanguard Properties, where 16 Architecture and Design professionals were invited to build a Christmas Tree of author. The exhibition was held at Rua Castilho, 203, Lisbon, in December 2017.