31 Maio 2018


... crows on their shawl and a sprig of parsley in their hand.

Margarida Fleming is a self-taught and intuitive artist.Since always showed aptitude for artes. The creativity is part of their world, developing particular willingness to nurture new ideas and innovative concepts. It is known for its lively and colorful style of painting in which its rapid and strong features are signing. These women that she paint have a transparent look and intriguing the viewer as if they had a revealed soul. Margarida Fleming does not limit his work, surprising the constant experimentation: work with many different materials on different types of surface, paper, cardboard, wood, carvas, magazine and walls.

Inspired on the Portuguese Woman, the exhibition "Maria Papoila" is a contemporary interpretation of her tradition. Women with crows on their shawl and a sprig of parsley in their hand. In the way she walks, time has marked our memory, tradition says. New flowers were born in the garden soil.

The exhibition "Maria Papoila" can be visited at Pura Cal - Atelier, Store & Gallery at LxFactory until 22 July 2018.