14 Agosto 2017

MASCULINE BREED unexpected sense of unity and style!

In a building for the 1st quarter of the twentieth century, whose facade evokes the period Art Nouveau, the Architect Tiago Patrício Rodrigues together with the Atelier Pura Cal signs the architectural rehabilitation and interiors of an apartment, that breathes a warm and timeless masculinity, which is built, not by project imposition, but in a instinctive way. The new two rooms tipology evokes materials, shapes and finishes of other eras, in a contemporary design. The spaces reflect countless times, stories and aesthetics that complement each other, creating a commitment to daily life, which intersect furniture and lighting throughout the twentieth century, vintage oriental rugs and contemporary art. 

Check Online this work at  "POSSO ENTRAR" SIC CARAS by Ana Marques.



You can get more information about this and other projects of the Architect Tiago Patrício Rodrigues at the following link: