30 Março 2018


... inspired and happy, where one can reborn, renovate and even emancipate.

- "Is it a secret?" He asked.

- "No. It's Spring!"


Maria Castel-Branco emerges from this interlude to the one season that brings through warmth and colourful blooms. Springtime is like a spring of light: the clay, the earth as a canvas for an explosion of life, colour and flowers. It is Maria's favourite time of the year, when she feels more vigorous, inspired and happy, where one can reborn, renovate and even emancipate; hence she wanted to perpetuate the most blossomed season on her new pieces. Jars and bowls which, by default or perhaps by virtue, embody their own bouquets.

Her style, apparently simple and romantic, surprises us with contemporary splashes and strokes, emphasizing the fact that romantic is always in fashion! These fragile materials refer to the artist most sensitive side, which enhances the care and the delicacy, so often forgotten these days. Through love and the comfort of clay, long and curious stems blossom together with generous bulbs, succulent leafs and translucent petals of as many colours as one’s need of sensibility and warmth. We all need the heat of the sun, the warmth of the light, care and dedication. So does this art expression. And that is the secret.

This new exhibition by Maria Castel-Branco can be visited at Pura Cal at LxFactory in Lisboa from 22 March until 20 May 2018.


Discover this unique and special Artist at Pura Cal