06 Agosto 2020


Imperfection is uniqueness, a major characteristic of artisanal production

Linking Design to Crafts, learning from tradition, knowing how to do, creating contemporaneity in a sustainable way, using ancestral materials and techniques.

Clay has been with us since the beginning of time, and the potter's wheel technique takes shape and life. It is here, in its search and research of roots and sustainability, that Pura Cal creates several collections of utilitarian and decorative ceramics, rehabilitating and recreating immemorial processes and techniques. 

The absolutely artisanal process, without any intervention of machinery, is based on the experienced hands of the potter who creates jars, bowls or plates from a simple handful of earth and water. 

New designs and ideas are shaped by diverse experiences and attempts in the search for forms, in the search for answers to the activities and aesthetics of today.

Only a few come to life and dry in the hot Alentejo sun, then ironed in a solution of kaolin and painted manually. Contemporary designs take shape through hands and experienced looks, where each brushstroke tells a story, a life, a way of being, with no two being alike, just as there will never be two equal pieces.

Glazing and cooking are the final stages, procedures that will provide strength and usability. The Fire completes the method, firm the clay, enliven the colors of the drawings and the imperfections of the forms.

Imperfection is uniqueness, a major characteristic of artisanal production, a major characteristic of the human being, it is here, a fingerprint fixed on the clay, a brushstroke out of the predicted point, a flawed glaze flaw. It is the creation of unrepeatable and unique pieces, marked by those who worked on them and leave their soul in them.

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