18 Abril 2017


...a contemporary sense of romanticism.

A space of time and memories. A six rooms "Belle Epoque" apartment, which still breathes much of the Pombalin typology. Target of some careless interventions, is searching for its initial memoty along with a new contemporary living. This is the moto of an intervention that should be "surgical" in order to preserve the essence of the space and materiality, while bringing the house to contemporary times, through a new typology, where functionalities transmit the current way of living and also a spacial fluidity, explored through the maximization of the pre-existing symmetries.

The different times and memories extend the space to the furniture and objects, which came mainly from several generations of the owner's family, which aims to combine them with pieces of design in order to create an ecletic combination. This apartment breathes a contemporary sense of romanticism.

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