14 Agosto 2017


.. all production is handcrafted in Portugal.

Still unknown in Portugal, the Mateus Ceramics are the biggest sucess worldwide: from Sweden to Australia, from Japan to USA. Founded in 1993 by the Portugues Teresa Lundahl in Sweden, Mateus represents the best know-how of ceramics in Portugal. The brand is based on our ancestral techniques and manual painting, and all the production is habdcrafted in Portugal.

Mateus proposes to show we can create magic and warmth with what we have the most precious in our life, the family and friends, at the table. Mateus pieces allow an unlimited colors cominations and designs, which we fall in love immediately! There is also the handpainted that gives each piece an unique identity and expression in which the multiplicity of shades of a color in a single piece gives the brand an unmistakable character.


Discover this unique and special brand at Pura Cal.