15 Outubro 2017


... feel like a tree house.

Projected and constructed in São Paulo, for the personal residence of Lina Bo Bardi in 1951, the Glass House, is a rare example of architecture residential patrimony conservation and its integration in the Brazilian tropical forest, in which the house is framed. 

Born in Rome in 1914, Lina Bo Bardi, studied and worked as architect in Milan. During the Second World War she emigrates to Brasil, installing up in São Paulo, where she left a strong architectonic mark, having designed some of the most emblematics buildings of the city like the Masp Museum or the SESC Pompeia co-op.

The Glass House presents itself as a suspended volume in glass on the hillside. The entry is made under the house, creating an unusual hall in open sky, surrounded with vegetation. When inside, the sensation is like a tree house, surrounded in all directions by the luxurious tropical vegetation, which also gives a strong sense of intimacy, uncommon in houses where the glass is dominant. The floor in blue sky pastille is also uncommon, expanding the natural light, as a reflected sky,  making together with the suspended floor and glass facings, a totally immaterial space.


The interiors and furniture reveal once more a the singular sensibility of Lina, that strongly appropriated the Brazilian culture, both classical or popular. All the existing objects are a reflex of research and collecting of a life. From the Portuguese baroque to Brazilian modernism of the 60 decade, everything is connected. The lightness architecture, balances the spaces that could be dense objects. On the other side there simplicity in the materials and objects, pure and functional.
For us, this is a brilliant example of how we can think and dwell the space, in a totally modern way, paying attention to the past and culture, through innovative solutions but without compromising the sensation of confort and welfare.