15 Março 2020


Protecting the places, attracting luck...

Based on the Portuguese tile tradition, hugely present in OPorto's imagery and façades, the exhibition "Amulets and Talismans" evokes them in new meanings, functions and designs. Starting from the creation of a code of symbols with divergent shapes and colors that are grouped in various compositions, full of life.

"Protecting the places, attracting luck, with these symbols he created auspicious objects, pieces to put in special places as traces of how magical life can be. To buy or collect, to bring a piece inside the house, to our space. Explore the idea of the importance of the things we surround ourselves with, what they transmit to us, what energy they bring and what they make us feel. " Maria Joana



This is the first exhibition by Oporto artist Maria Joana, ceramist and the creative face of “Lagrima Studio”. After completing his studies as a fashion designer, her career takes an unexpected turn after some experiments with clay, which marks the beginning of a journey of experimentation and research, leading to the creation of the “Lagrima” studio in 2015 where he produces utilitarian and decorative pieces.


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