16 Outubro 2016


A voyage within a sea of a deep cobalt blue...

Under the curation of Hugo Luz, Bela Silva created for this exhibition a unique set of decorative and utilitary earthenware pieces, that challenge us to dive into a magnetic cobalt blue, full of imaginary animals, birds from distant countries that cross with pots and amphoras rescued from the bottom of the sea.

The artist imagery present in other exhibitions in Lisbon, such as the "Desorient Express" in Museu do Oriente or "Linhas do Tempo" in Fundação Gulbenkian, establishes paths and bridges between the east and west, "... it seeks to unite opposites, aversions, distances, making far from near, as if telling a story that lead us to dream and to gather pieces of the world..."

We are immediately drawn to this exhibition by the connection with the pieces from "Cantão" e "Caompanhia das Indias", but reviewed under an unmistakable contemporary look of Bela Silva.